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FEARDROP is the melodramatic creation of Berlin musician Deniz Celebi: artist, poet, and mindfulness trainer.

She has a master’s degree in civil engineering specialized in statics and bridge construction. But she is not here to shape the material world. Her personal goal is to create emotional bridges through art and music. She wants people to take care of themselves, love each other and be vulnerable. Her goal in life is to connect people with their deepest emotions to awaken their potential, and to let fear drop. FEARDROP’s artistic feature is driven by insanity, melodrama, symmetry, and termlessness.

Currently, FEARDROP lives in her home of choice Berlin, Germany.

Discover her art & poetry: CELEBI-ART.COM
Wear your own statement hoodie: FEARDROP HOODIES

You can contact us here.

Stalk her gently

Instagram: @feardrop_
Spotify: @FEARDROP
SoundCloud: /feardropmusic

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