The story behind my design.

Drop #1 Oni Design

In 2019 I traveled in Japan from Tokyo via Fuji Mountain, Nara Park, Kyoto, Osaka and back to Tokyo. The time there felt like home. It felt like I was in the future. My missions in Japan were to appreciate the masterpieces ‘Maman’ by Louise Bourgeois and Tadao Ando’s house Azuma.

Tokyo, 2019 © Deniz Celebi

In Tokyo, I didn’t feel overwhelmed by the crowd or lonely. During this time I realized some things: it doesn’t depend on the people; but the setting as a whole. My mindset, that of the Japanese and the impressions of cultural diversity. On my flight back to Germany, the feeling lingered for a few months. I noticed that I have a deep fascination with Japanese culture – anime and manga were the order of the day when I was a child.

Many temples are adorned with devils, dragons and impressive beings. This is how ‘Oni’ became my personal companion. My first hoodie creation.

Read more about the ‘Oni’ here.

Osaka, 2019 © Deniz Celebi