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Oni Organic Hoodie (Neon Black)

The very first FEARDROP hoodie with an Oni design. This is not a hoodie, it’s a statement.

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What is ONI? An Oni is a human-like figure. In Japanese culture, they are also known as yōkai. Oni means both ‘bad’ and ‘good’. From a psychological point of view, an oni is perceived as an opponent of humans. Therefore, an Oni is visualized as a person with animal deformations (f.e. claws/horns). The ‘good’ Oni have an involuntary comedy and can become real sympathizers. In contrast to the ‘bad’ Oni, these are by no means hostile. They embody the formidable forces of nature that can bring salvation to people on the one hand and disaster on the other.

What is FEARDROP? FEARDROP expresses the feeling of dropping fear, transforming it into your superpower to keep you energized and thrilled for the day. FEAR is your shadow, your friend and your power. Overcome your fear and let FEAR DROP.


85% organic cotton, 15% recycled polyester.
Non-slip fabric quality: 300 g / m².
Sporty raglan style: sloping sleeve seams at the front.
Side pockets and two-ply hood with cord.
Ribbed cuffs at the bottom and on the sleeves.

Flex Print (smooth)

Size guidance




Care instructions

Machine washable, 30 ° C – cold
Wash it inside out
Do not bleach
Do not use fabric softener
Line dry
Do not dry-clean

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